Chopper History

When I saw these pics on the net ,I directly ask my friend Jay from the death traps mc for know more about this chopper history ,this bike is Jay's dad bike ,and this is the story of how 2 brothers made their dad ,HAPPY :  So years ago, dad had a bike that looked just like this...and my brother and I have talked about rebuilding it for him. My brother got a dirt bike for free, and traded that for a motor, and we just kept trading parts for what we needed. About 9 months ago, he slapped them together and I ran down to vegas to help get it started. Once it was started we tore it apart and I brought most of it home for paint. That was a painful learning process. I took everything back to him about 3-4 months ago and we got it back together. I forgot a part at home so I shipped it, he finished it and brought it up last Friday. Dad was super pumped, my daughter said “wow I’ve never seen a grown up cry like that”. It was a pretty rad day for all of us really. There’s still a couple little things to fine tune and registration but other wise it’s ready to roll! It’s a 67 iron head with an Arlen ness frame, I think it’s 5 up and 5 out with a 4” inch stretch 🤷🏻‍♂️ a century springer with a low bend to it. And a 16rear and 22 spool front. Nothing too fancy just right though.

Photos and text by Jay ,thanks for the story .

Jay his brother and his dad

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