ROAD TRIP : Luxembourg High Chapparal !!!

Seb cycles and Manu come from france for continu the road trip with us !!

Ice cream !!!

Jaspyrateur say you hello !!!

Dr Pepper and her sister Porn Princess
Ed the boss with a beautiful T SHIRT !!!

one beer ,two beers .... happy face !!

Road trip is very good for meet cool people,news friends from holland !!!

PARTY around the world !!!

MONDO BIKER ,spanish magazine with chopperkingz !!!

Our friend Jerome l'etincelant is a reporter for Mondo biker magazine  in spain ,he made a cool stuff about our party !!

Jerome aka L'Etincelant on his panhead japan style !!!

road trip after holland ,germany for a really good evening !!!

On the road to our friends Slik and Leonie !!! 2% POWER !!! a big  Thank you !!


Our Friends Gabin aka Sancho (the official designer for our tshirt !!) and his girlfriend Elo have preached the 2% power to Cuba !!!
the reporters special chopperkingz !!
2% around the world !!!

Hairdresser from havana support chopperkingz !!


Stronger than ever /2% POWER

And the winner is JC from the plab's chopper !!

ROAD TRIP first stop ARRAS france

On the road after work ,for meet our friends the Plabs chopper in a camping to Arras France .
just one little night and after go to Holland for the 37th anniversary of the rogues !!!

First problem for Jerem ,Ignition Dead !!!

Good time for sleeping on the highway !! 

Road trip chopperkingz

                                                See you on the road mother fucker !!!!

new wild magazine ,photo by Gilles Raskar for the chopperkingz party !!!

6 pages for the chopperkingz party !!! Thanks Gilles !!
For see more ,buy it !!!!

chopperkingz around the world !!!

Rob and Liek to Boston America 

                                                  Fanch with Vulcanet To STURGIS