Chopperkingz meeting !!

                        Lot of fun again with all chopperkingz !!Food, Booze , Fun and  Choppair !!

Robert to think ,Hum this a fricadelle ?!!

You can see on the left how the night was intelligent and serious !

Hard for Tonton Marco after a long roadtrip in america ,need money now !!

at this moment the video on the phone was a little bit durty !!

New project for Fanchito ,he make a really good job already on NicoZine's bike 

Yes this is a Shovelhead mother fucker style !!

Tonton Marco and Mary San Francisco

Before go to San Francisco Marco and Mary was with this cool Redneck Mister Wolf ,our friend from the death traps 

Tonton Marco and Mary in the USA

Long road trip for our Marco national ,after some trouble with the bike and the weather at this time,everything is good look at the pics !fucking hell it's a real road movie !!!