Rest in Peace Mister Tom Fugle !!! condolences to his wife Jennie and all el forastero ! The chopper world lost his legend !!!  RIDE CHOPPER OR FUCK OFF !!!


Free n easy the crazy shovelhead chopper of  Jack Deagazio ,
on the photo jack and his wife ,Nice to met you to daytona my friends !!!

Same chopper but new chopper !!!

Steph the Precieux ,fixing his bike this winter lot of work ,gear box , engine , berings.... and new style !!!

yokohama hot rod show

Chopperkingz Yvon go to yokohama this year !!


Last spring in Switzerland, Art and Wheels, Robert. Pic found by Steph on the dark web i think...

cool pic

That's britany ,sea sun and choppers !!!!

Marco Road Trip USA

Tonton Marco made a big road trip with a bike from our friends the death traps !! just amazing ,look at the photos !!

THE 2% magazine by our friend Beer from Holland !!!

After Move around in france ,Basket case in america ,Now it's Chop ,Ride and Party ,the 2% MAGAZINE , 160 pages of choppers life !!!! and it's just the first !! 

look at  facebook : chop, Ride & Party for more information !!

Kingz hide-outz

Since last weekend our favorite hang-out.