Brotherhood International !!!

Rogues ,Death traps , jokers , Chopperkingz !! CFFC !!!!

Nico's bike by Chopperkingz Fanch

SHE IS ALIVE !!!! first start last week for Nico's bike !!! after long times in the garage Fanch can see the sun !!! the first run is not the best but she ride !!!
All parts are handmade by Fanchito !!!!Now Ride and after painting !!!


Lot of choppers from everywhere !! norway , England , Germany , Belgium , France ....
Just a perfect 2% SHOW !!!

Choppershow Holland by the Rogues mc

An other great week end to the choppershow ,lot of friends ,lot of fun , lot of CHOPPER !!!!
and a really good saturday in amsterdam with the Young Jaspy and his girlfriend the Famous Kim to make the 2% book !!! (look how Jerem is really happy to be in Holland !!)

The real and only One !! Jerem Knievel

Yes he is a chopperkingz ,yes he is in britany and he is the real son of Evel Knievel , this is Jerem Knievel !!

Chop RIde and Party

Chop RIde and Party it's this week end to the Choppershow in holland ,come to see the best choppershow and buy the new chopper book 2% made by Beer and Kim !!

Or follow this link :


It's that time of the year again.