winter project

lot of guy's have a winter project around here ,hope to see these bikes to our party !!
Ludo with his 1340 evo "60's"

Guillaume with his cool panhead

and our Seb Cycle national our new member with a new shovelhead !!

Indian Larry spirit

Fanchito an other stunt man with the chopperkingz !! Fanchito Larry !!

Chopper Wheelie !!!

Really cool pic of jerem knievel !! With the chopper of Caro ,his girlfriend.

Wild magazine

The new Wild magazine with a calendar make by Move around, great idea Fanchito and Niko 

chopperkingz party save the dates !!

If you have this by email or message !! You 're welcome ,soon our private party CHOPPERKINGZ !!! save already your week end Mother Fucker !!
Ajouter une l├ęgende


Condolence to Big Jos family and rogues brothers .

history : Celtic MC britanny

 Celtic MC ,chopper club,they start in 1985 and finish in 2007 lot of old member ride always choppers today .

Rogues mc in 1979

On the photo Brass, Knuckles and Junkyard from the rogues MC in 1979 !! First patch for one year and on the second photo Beer (with the actual colors ) and Jerem .

Basket Case California

Cool magazine from california by our friend Josh from the deathtraps !! Next Issue with the Rogues mc Holland .

Plebs chopper Sweden

Tonton Marco on the road

If you see a chopper on the road in france ,at this time for sure it's our Marco national !!!

Jimbo roadtrip

Our Friend Jimbo from Italia have an other good road trip in america ,say hello to him if you see him !!

Good Supermarket in america !!

                                                                Vice Grip MC

sancho's chop parts 3

Lot of work on this shitty frame 



chopperkingz party 2012 ,first time for our friend jonathan in britanny he came with our other friends the Rogues mc !! great times under the rain and the begining of a long story with britanny ,holland and America !! Big Fred from portland was here too !! photo by Francky from the Bikers free .