Yvon sale his famous panhead chopper,if you want more information contact him :
this bike is a real piece of chopper history !! 

road trip part3

On da road to spain !!!

On da road to spain !!!


Our friend Nico from move around zine is in america and he work hard for the next move around !!
look at this real 70's chopper ,on the photo Nico ,Jonathan from the deathtraps and Wolf chopper !

road trip part 2

couple of pics everywhere ,france spain only great times !! good evening but hard morning !!!

Road trip part 1

this year the road trip was to spain ,stop to lot of friends on the road , have great food ,great times ,good fun and SUN  ,after one week we decided to go to Harley brothers anniversary luxembourg ,different weather but great times at the anniversary and before at high chapparal with lot of friends  !!!