road trip USA , Utah party 2

The second days and for the days after we was with Chad from the baron's mc ,Bikes , roads , party again and again .... Nice to meet you guy's !!!

road trip and 49th birthday !!
Thanks Leslie for everything ,  and Sam for his bike ,very cool !!
and thanks the baron's for everything !!


road trip USA ! UTAH !!

After the big road trip with our friends the deathtraps (soon the born free photos!)
let's go to Utah ,for see our" Mama" Leslie ! Welcome in Salt Lake City !!
it was 4 crazy days !! mountain ,lake ,road ,bikes , party  ...

 welcome in utah !!
 salt lake bonneville !! Amazing !!

 Thank you so much Leslie for this great moment !!

Road trip USA on the road to the born free !!

let's go !!!mother fucker !!

 we love you man's !!!!thank you so much for this american dream !!!