ak day video !!

A very nice video of AK Day !!

Before the AK day ,on the Road !!!


Last week end was the opening of AK DAY at atelier Kustom our friend Jeff make a fucking cool event lot of bikes ,lot of people ,good music everything for a good party ,and mattiu pichu won again the kickstart game !!!

Kater and his dragster buell ,ready for the run !!

The Boss of Atelier Kustom ,Jeff 

Fast food !!

Soames from Plabs choppers send me that ,it's a good idea we open the first restaurant in brittany ,and after in the world !! Maybe in Sonora for the second ? !!

brittany chopper

Marvin chopper from Brittany cool bike for a young guy !! 20 years old !! and new seat by Emma Stokes Product !!

brittany Choppers !!

On the photo The Roronimo bike ,he buyght it last month to mike in holland ,new gas tank ,new handlebar ,cool bike my friend !!!

Cave Party

2 week end ago we was in a cave party ,crazy place under the floor !!
parking camping concert everything was in the cave !!

AK day Nantes !!

Move Around 05

Soon at AK day the last move around  05 !!

Art by Sancho

My Bro Gabin alias Sancho make this nice draw for us ,Thank you man ,I think you make the future T shirt for the Chopperkingz !!!


Who is Grumpy ,it's the famous Matchu Pitchu our friend to make this fucking cool Chopper !!

Soon in france RUN CAP SUD ,dragster Race