Smaller party than the others years ,but still a great one ,130 choppers from france ,holland  ...
Beers , sun , concert , what else ? 



Welcome in the family Erik ,Fran├žois and matchu pitchu !!!



 Hey choppers addicts ,Do you have these books ?The 5th Chop RIde and Partys by Mister Beer and his daughter Kim THE 2 % book you need to have ! and the second one RADIKAL by our bastard friends Raskar and Broz ! Choppers but only ....

Cool pic

 Cool Pic by Bryan helm with this crazy cool man ,Danger Dan ,at the tn motorcycle Revival ,we 've been there 2 years ago ,best event in Tennesse .

Choppers but not only

Our Evel Knievel ,Chopperkingz Jerem' just finish this Dyna Clubstyle for make some fun on the road,and that's work very well !!!


Matchu pitchu's Shovelhead

Look at that !! the new toy of our new member Matt aka matchu pitchu !! Really cool !
Suicid clutch ,no front brake ,but its ok he can touch the floor !! 


fuck the covid ride free

Pat Birthday ,our friend from the plab's choppers ,great ride and cool party some trouble on the road but perfect week end ! CFFC