Punta Bagna

Last week end it was Punta Bagna in south of France 
Robert went with our friends Rogues mc 
,Gammler and animals ,and from Brittany 
Fanch , with lot of friends arround Nantes !!
Thanks mat for the pics !

 The ecologist Roro de Nantes !!
 Thom from styck your Cycle say Hello !!!
 El Padre and Groleg from Nantes the winner of Punta bagna
The winner Digger 
 a sexy couple of homos ,the chain is for a good night SM !!!
 Swedish chopper by Groleg 

 Rogues mc
 Dragoo huntaz ,70's Panhead forever !!
 Gammler,animals, rogues,Baron ,chopperkingz International road trip
On the road !!
French young asshole !!!

Soon guys !!!

Photo from rogues Blog ,Jonathan and Wolf DTMC 

boogie beach brittany france

only old engine / no evo !! a cool party near the sea !! 

Born free 7

soon with our friends the death traps !!