jerem new Chopper !! CFFC !!

Paint by chopperkingz for chopperkingz !!

 New paint for the panhead of Vincent Chopperkingz !!!
and news whites accessories 60's spirit !!

chopperkingz Marco and Yvon in the south of france for a party with friends !!

Photos by VINCENT DEBACKER (look the book Veetess)
Marco concentrate !!
Sanchez Number 2
 Yvon say Hello

 Sanchez Number 1
 The boss
 The preacher !
 The couple of love !!

Crazy Flathead compressor !!

clubhouse present for us from Mister Beer !!

We are happy the chopperkingz have a clubhouse now ,it's a great present from Beer ,thanks you so much !!

Road trip USA SHOW CLASS with the deathtraps !!

 the show class ,the Pre party before the born free ,a good place !!

Hippies Party !! road trip with friends

Couple of photos ,little road trip chopperkingz / rogues and family 's !!

Rogues B-day

Rogues birthday ,on the Photo Beer from the rogues ,with Thom from styck your cycle , Niko from Move around (soon the third !!!) .
a great party !!
and thank you at our friends from the North of France Camille and Seb Cycles for the good long BBQ !!