Boogie Beach

                                                                        Here we go !!!

Rabalder MC 25 anniversary and road to norway

Chopperkingz Rob and Liek was last week end at the rabalder Mc for their 25 th anniversary ,their now on the road to the Chopper freaks and go to norway with friends

Chopper Fest 2019

Was a great week end at the chopper fest ,thanks to the Chopper freakers band for the party !!
1600 kms for fun great times and sun !! and thanks a lot to our friend Kiki de Nancy for the great times in your town Nancy !!

The master Bubu

Crazy people ? maybe !!

Our Friend Sam with his cool chopper at work !

King Kong vs Kingz manu 

Nancy is a really great city

party time with Kiki

Chopper fest

Chopper Fest by the Choppers freakers band , 10th anniversary ,here we go !!!

Cool Book by Bubu