shovelhead Story

Last week end was the birthday of Lilly a good friend, she ride a 70's panhead ,
at this party we had the story of jerem shovel !!! Raoul  bought this bike in 85's ,he import this bike in France from belgium it was the second shovelhead in Rennes Britany in 80's !!He sold this bike at an other guy 25 years ago ,the bike stay in a garage with parts everywhere in this place and now The winner chopper come back on the road for a new life  in the same city 25 years after !!! Just Crazy !!!!

the Shovel in different style !!


Lilly's panhead and Bruno's Shovel  !!

Old and new generation for the same bike !

Ar gward kozh and chopperkingz

Move around 4 soon !!

Teaser just here :

Visit from holland !!

Beer from the rogues and his family visit us last week end ,great moment with great friends !!!

Jaspy the only real one this guy is famous in holland in the bar !! 

50th HAPPY B DAY Marco !!!!

last week end it was the birthday surprise of Marco 50 years old !!!

 Bob the real muscle man

 Mouss boss of the bar

Book : El Forastero

El Forastero the story of one chopper Mc since 50 years .

Cover chopperkingz by Stick your Cycles !!

Bonnie Rotten support chopperkingz with the cover make by Thom from stick your cycles !!!

move around 3

Move around magazine the 3th is ready !!! In cover the ironhead of Jerem !!

story : Stick from OAkland,

Stick is a friend from Oakland Raven mc ,we met this guy last summer in Utah !!
story of a biker from California !!! Nice to meet you Stick !!!



Our friends the Death traps had a great road trip ,the goldenchain run !! it's at this moment you think ,why the France is not near the California ?!!haha!!

 we miss you guys !!
 The Holland was present !!!