chopperkingz garage

Yes we have times now !! So on the pics Jerem's chopper, he just change his frame for a stronger one
and on the second one Seb's chop


Art and chopper

SALVADOR Dali ,the artist ! cause for riding choppers you need to be  crazy ,cause for to be an artist you need to be crazy !!WE ARE ALL CRAZY !!!


Hey Chopper's family ,check your email ,you probably have everything you need for coming !!! Cause the only virus we have is the CHOPPER VIRUS ,keep the party great again !! Build ride and FUCK the rest !!

Chop ride and party !! By Beer and Kim

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Double trouble in the 70's

Bobbie joe from the Baron's mc with his crazy double panhead engine !!

Chopper Stolen in netherland

In between end of january untill 16 february in Eindhoven. NL
1979 shovelhead, dutch plates ZU-14-98
Vin 5E54752H9
Transmission number 3470365 4speed ratchet top.
Wishbone frame
Polished engine cases, polished gearbox
Motogadget speedster dash
Spoolhub 21” front
16” rear on avon MKII tire
Was equipped with cv carb and round aircleaner.
Some distinctive adaptions, wich i will recognize for sure.