Matchu pitchu's Shovelhead

Look at that !! the new toy of our new member Matt aka matchu pitchu !! Really cool !
Suicid clutch ,no front brake ,but its ok he can touch the floor !! 


fuck the covid ride free

Pat Birthday ,our friend from the plab's choppers ,great ride and cool party some trouble on the road but perfect week end ! CFFC


PAST inspiration

 Fanchito Pepito and his pretty girlfriend made this funny pics from the past ! Look like the same but different !

WHAT THE FUCK ,you dont have this book?

 Hey you the chopper addict ,you dont know this great book ? RADIKAL !!!check on facebook or on this web site : 

and buy this great piece of paper ,lot of cool article ( I dont say that cause we have a story about us in ,ok maybe ....)

Buy this book help to stop this shitty virus !! It's crazy ,this is the best medicine !!! 

MEDUSA Chopper by Josh Sheehan

Photos By Holly Anderson 

 Look at this crazy chopper ,everything are made by the gold hands of Josh Sheehan great builder ,member of Death traps mc and our friend of course haha ,he send me these pics of his last bike for the Born Free ,MEDUSA ,look at this chopper and you will be petrify !! 

RADIKAL the New magazine

 2021 start with a new magazine RADIKAL by our friends Gilles Raskar and Steph Broz !! 

Choppers ,dragsters , cars , artists ,a full magazine with lot of cool shits !! 

Merry Christmas and happy new year !!

We all wish you a merry Christmas and a fucking happy new year !! It's the perfect time for drink ,eat ,and stay in the garage making CHOPPERRRR!!!
We hope to see you next year at THE DIABOLIC CHOPPERKINGZ PARTY !!
if we can do it with this shitty virus !! CFFC