FTW find the wallet ,if you have this wallet contact : chopperkingzjim@gmail.com

#TrampsFTW F.T.W
Fuck. The . world! Forever. two. wheels!
No! Find The Wallet !
I would like to say a big Thank you to Flanders Chopper Bash for another super weekend !!!
But I reach out to all you lovely people to keep the love of the 70’s alive and help
''Find The Wallet’’
Adam Stokes (AKA Adam Davey) lost his Wallet at the Flanders Chopper Bash on saturday night while rocking out the the fantastic The Picturebooks
This wasn't just any old wallet...I made it for Adam for his 30th birthday, It is hand carved with a personalized logo ‘’TRAMPS’’ its marked on the back ‘'HAPPY 30th’’ and marked on the inside Emmastokes products!!
So please, please, please, SHARE THIS POST and try and help Find The Wallet!!
Its not the about the money, the cards, the driving licence…its about our broken faith in people and getting this wallet back to its rightful owner... so please contact me if you Found The Wallet!!!
Thank you!
Emma Claire Stokes

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