Road trip part 1

this year the road trip was to spain ,stop to lot of friends on the road , have great food ,great times ,good fun and SUN  ,after one week we decided to go to Harley brothers anniversary luxembourg ,different weather but great times at the anniversary and before at high chapparal with lot of friends  !!! 

On the road to High chapparal !!

Robert and Liek with  Eric & Lindy on the way to high chapparal Luxemburg !!

preacher chopper

Our friend Lionel aka the preacher just finished this cool shovelhead !!

show in england this week end

chopper in the 70's in france

Really cool chopper from Big Ben the coolest man to ride chopper in france since the beginning !!

750 cb honda chopper in 1979.

Big Ben today on his Panhead ,be a man ride a pan !!!