parts 4 : portland ,california ...

Our friend  Nol from the rogues mc in a book in portland 

Mister HARDTAIL CHOPPER with a funny headlight hat !!

Good Speed and machine with Zac and Andrew 

parts 3 : Boise Brother speed MC with Shane

Really good times with Shane and his family ,on the pics ,Mike Brother speed ,he make this crazy panhead a real showbike but for the road ! Double Linkert !!! Brother SPEED what else ?

Shane project for a friend

Barn find chopper Triumph with the famous harmann Fork !!

parts 2 brothers speed mc and evel knievel jump

MC america 2017 ,the Merry Christmas tour of Jimmy and Emma in america !!

Jimmy and his girlfriend Emma made a big tour of America for Christmas ,first stop to Jimmy's Mama ,Leslie Mama from utah ,stay 6 days in salt lake for visiting chopper shop  partys and lot of fun with the Baron's MC ,after that, they take the road to Pocatello for meet Styck from the Ravens MC in the club house of the Brother's speed MC ,on the road for see Royal a chopperkingz friend and other guy's from the Brother speed of Burley ,the day after stop to Evel Knievel Jump at twin falls snake river ,and finish the day to Boise with Shane from the Brother's Speed Mc ,lot of fun and really great times with Chopper's builder and real guy's  !! work shop ,friends lot of things to do !!!!after a couple of day's in Boise ,time to take the road to Portland for see our friend Big Fred ,2 day's after on the road again to Zac from Good speed and machine and Andrew the new deathtraps mc prospect ,good times again ,the day after Sonora for the Deathtraps Mc our friends Jonathan and Wolf was here ready for a little ride with the famous Slut blue chopper !!!

winter project

lot of guy's have a winter project around here ,hope to see these bikes to our party !!
Ludo with his 1340 evo "60's"

Guillaume with his cool panhead

and our Seb Cycle national our new member with a new shovelhead !!