New chopper for the Precious !!!

Same chopper but different Chopper for Steph !! new relooking !! black engine ,lot of news parts wheels handlebar... ,soon on the road !!

Tattoo art

It's official we have our ChopperQueenZ ,the Only one ,Madame Angelique !!cool Tattoo  ,Chopper in the Skin !!!!


Last week end was a really great week end ,sun booze sea and CHOPPERSSSS !!!
it was the Plabs Choppers Run with Our National Alice ,she opening her house for make a great party with plabs ,biker free ,Chopperkingz and friends !!!
Alice on her Bike !!! 

Plabs and friends 

hey ho, let's go !!!

it's this week end for us !! Bzh Run plabs choppers and Chopperkingz together !!!the breizh 2% chopper crew  is on the road !!

Brotherhood International !!!

Rogues ,Death traps , jokers , Chopperkingz !! CFFC !!!!